Free Categorization tests for the BILBAO PROJECT in progress

Free Cat test ak_6

We are running the “Free Categorization Tests” for the BILBAO PROJECT, from last week until next Friday.

Last week we had some violin players who have taken part in this part of the experiment and have shared their opinion about the instruments.

Invitation to the BILBAO PROJECT_Psicoacoustic test

The Bilbao Project six_smll


We get in touch because we want to invite you to the Psicoacoustic Test of the Bilbao Project. This test has two parts, the Free Categorization Test and the Listening Test. You can take part on one or both tests.

The Bilbao Project is an experiment developed in BELE, the Basque violin Making school in the J.C.Arriaga Bilbao Conservatory, along with the Cabridge and Sorbona Universities and some international violin makers. We have built in BELE six violins, identical all of them except only one controlled parameter which is different for each and the international violin makers have built their instruments following our instructions. More info here

The reference model

Bilbao Project in The Strad

“Basque to the Future”. This article was published in the September 2017 issue of The Strad magazine.

Preliminary meeting

Members of the project along with Maite Aurrekoetxea, Headmistress and Arrate Monasterio academic secretary of the J.C.Arriaga music Conservatory

Pictures of the Preliminary Meeting at J.C. Arriaga Music Conservatory