Access to BELE

Registration dates

For  2017-2018 academic year registration period goes from 24th March to 6th of June, both included.
Registration form (pdf)
Note that Registration Form must be completed and sent to the Conservatory administrative offices or by e-mail to: along with the needed documents.

 Access requirements

To access the school one has to meet the following criteria:
1-Basic academic and musical requirements
2-Pass an Access test or entrance examination

1) Academic and musical requirements:

Have finished High School or equivalent.
In case you have not finished your High School education you have to be over 19 years old and you have to pass a maturity test regulated by the Department of Education, (in which the candidates have to demonstrate sufficient maturity in relation to the objectives of the school, knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to successfully pursue their respective fields).

This maturity test, for the academic year 2017-18 will be on May 19th. Applying dates for this exam: 6th and 7th April. More details by clicking here.
You will need to be in possession of the Diploma of elementary Music or equivalent (Elementary Level) obtained in an official conservatory or an authorized school.
Candidates who do not have such musical certification, can have a test of musical knowledge on an equivalent level. This test will be in the Conservatory of Music J. C. Arriaga along with the entrance examination. Passing this test will fullfil the musical requirement to access to BELE but does not entitle to obtain an official certification in Elementary Level of Music.

Details on the Musical Test.

2) Access test:

In order to make the entrance examination a fee shall be paid as specified in the Resolution from the 7th september 2011, which regulates public prices for education. This amount will be paid in the bank account number stated on the registration form.

The Access test consist of three parts, and will be marked from 0 to 100.
a) Artistic drawing of a given model.  35% of the mark.
b) Woodworking Exercise. 35% of the mark.
c) A written essay about a given text in 1 hour. 30% of the mark.

Details about the Test

Tests will be conducted in BELE at the JCArriaga Conservatory in Bilbao. The test for  2017-2018 academic year will be the 27th of June 2017
Note: Depending on the number of applicants the tests can be carried during more than a sigle day.

Access to school violin Bele
Resolution of 16 July from the Director of Educational Innovation regulating access for the course 2017-18 to BELE, Basque School of Violin Bilbao. Document in PFD.
The evaluation criteria used in the entrance examination. PDF document here.