These are some of the usual questions we come to answer. If you have any other doubt do not hesitate getting in contact with us.

How old do I have to be to beguin at BELE?
You can enrol once you have finished High School. In case you have not finished you High School education you will have to be over 19 years old and you have to pass a maturity test.

What kind of academic degree do I need to enter at BELE?
To enrol at BELE Para acceder a los estudios de luthería será necesario que tengas el Título de Bachiller (o equivelente), de no ser así, haber superado la prueba de acceso a la universidad para mayores de 25 años o superar la prueba de madurez para mayores de 19 años (ambas pruebas convocadas por la Administración Educativa Vasca).

Do I need to know music to enter at BELE?
One of the requirements to access the school is to have the elementary grade in music , or some kind of equivalent. In case you did not have such a degree you can pass a test to evaluate your knowledge on music as part of the Access Test.

Which are the contents of the Access Tests ?
The test is divided in three parts. An artistic drawing exercise, a practical handwork exercise on wood and a short essay.

How many availiable places are for each year?
Due to the type of teaching we can only admit 8 students per year, depending on circunstances.

How many hours are this course?
The new curriculum is 3000 hours divided between workshop and theoretical subjects during three academic years.

Which are time schedules for the lectures and the workshop?
Depending on your course year lectures can be during the morning or at noon. Attending the lectures is compulsory.
Every year we try to arrange teachers timetables so there is allways one or two members form the teaching staff at the workshop, so it is availiable to the students from 8:00 to 19:00 (except lunch break)