Varnish retouching workshop with Hans J. Nebel

Varnish retouching workshop with Hans J. Nebel

We have had the great pleasure of learning from Hans J Nebel a bit on the art of varnish retouching.

From Monday to Thursday he teached for the students at the Basque Violin Making School, BELE, and from Friday to Sunday there was another workshop for professional violin makers.

He worked from 1957 at Rembert Wurlitzer Co. along with renowned makers as Fernando S. Sacconi and Dario D’Attili. There he had the opportunitty to work on many fine Italian instruments, such as Del Gesú, Stradivarius or Amati.

One of the witnesses of the awakening or contemporary violin making.

Indefatigable man, consummate worker allways with a smile on his face and enjoying his job.

Thank you very much Hans!!

Some picture of the course here.