Workshop on varnish with Pierre Flavetta

Lecturer: Pierre Flavetta


From History to Practice: Mastering Varnish and Coloration

Friday, october 25th

  • Theoretical course on varnish making and detailed study on colophony
  • Oil cooking
  • Colophony cooking

Saturday, october 26th

  • Theoretical course on varnish coloration and dye dissolution techniques
  • Aloe coloration
  • Alizarin coloration

Sunday, october 27th

  • Advanced course on alizarin coloration
  • Alizarin coloration

Participants can bring their own varnish and if there is time they can try colouring them


Date: 25th to 27th of October. Friday to Sunday

Languaje: English

Course fee: 400€

Duration: 21 hours

Timetable: Thursday to Saturday 9:00-13:00/ 14:30-17:30 and Sunday 9:00-15:00.

Registration requirements:


Number of places: 15

BELE.Basque School of Violin Making.
Bele. Conservatorio de Musica – Juan Crisostomo de Arriaga
Plaza Ibarrekolanda 1, 48015 Bilbao. Spain.