Violin acoustics workshop. George Stoppani.

“Listening, measuring and improving”

BELE.Basque School of Violin Making.
Bele. Conservatorio de Musica – Juan Crisostomo de Arriaga
Plaza Ibarrekolanda 1, 48015 Bilbao. Spain.

Date: October 28-29-30

Lecturer: George Stoppani

Duration: 21hours

Schedule: Friday and saturday 9:30-13:30 / 15:00-19:00. Sunday 9:00-14:00

Program: (These are some of the contents that will be treated or disscused in the course but subject to changes)
1-The effect and relevance of the materials (intrinsic properties of the wood) and the design (the outline, arching and thicknesses) used in the violin-making in the tonal qualities, perceived character, etc. of the complete instrument.
2- The characteristics of the top and back plates in free and pinned boundary conditions and the influence in tonal qualities. The Characteristic Impeance: Z(evans)
3- Listening and describing the sound of an instrument.
4- Modal Analysis, Sound Radiation and tonal qualities. Taking measurements.
5- Playability and Minimum Bow Force.
6- How to improve the sound.

Registration requirements:
Short CV with the contact info from the applicant (name, email address…)
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Languaje: English

Price for the course: 400 €

For inquiries, our contact address is:

Accommodation:Bilbao has a wide lodging offer. However, we have made an agreement with “Colegio Mayor Miguel de Unamuno” hall of residence or students dorm (just in front of our school- see map-) to accommodate the participants in our workshops. All rooms are single or double and there will be a discount if a group of more than ten people ask for a place there.
Colegio Mayor Miguel de Unamuno
Single room HB
Group price 27 €
Price without group discount 34 €
Double room HB
Group price 50 €
Price without group discount 62 €
(Half Board: Room, breakfast + supper). Price per day.