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Workshop in advanced violin repair. Retouching of varnish. Hans Nebel.

Workshop in advanced violin repair. Retouching of varnish.

Place:  BELE. Basque School of Violin Making.

Bele. Conservatorio de Musica – Juan Crisostomo de Arriaga
Plaza Ibarrekolanda 1, 48015 Bilbao. Spain.
Date: February 5 – February 7, 2016. Friday through Sunday
Lecturer: Hans J. Nebel
Duration: 25hour.
Registration requirements:

Short CV with the contact info from the applicant (name, email address…)

Short description of the instrument(s) to work on and an outline of the work to do.
Please send the above to this address: lutheria@conservatoriobilbao.com

Selection of applicants will be based on the above required information.
Number of places: 15
Languaje: English. Translation to Spanish or Basque. Mr.Nebel is also fluent in German.
Price for the course: 600 €

Application deadline: 15th of January. Admission will be comunicated to the applicant e-mail address along with the paying and logistic details
The program provides detailed instruction and demonstrations in various aspects of violin repair. The hands-on nature of this program and the small class size make it an ideal learning opportunity.
RETOUCHING OF VARNISH is a very popular course, but is one of the most difficult, often humbling, time-consuming & challenging job and we are happy to offer the RETOUCHING OF VARNISH Course at the BELE Basque School of Violin Making.
Mr. Nebel will lecture & demonstrate and the student will be guided via hands-on experience in Retouching of Varnish in the style of Maestro S. F. Sacconi, as it is done in some of the finest shops in the USA and abroad. During this workshop participants will work in tandem with a master craftsman to improve their abilities in color matching varnishes and drawing/painting grain on violin etc.
Materials and tools you will need:

Participants must provide their own violins, suitable for this program.

Please bring one or two violins (80 – 100 year old), such as Mittenwald, Schoenbach, Markneukirchen or Czech made, where cracks have already been cleaned, reglued and well reinforced. Ideally, cracks would already have been filled-in.

Tools, Supplies and Materials: Please see attached list.

For inquiries, our contact address is: lutheria@conservatoriobilbao.com

Hans J. Nebel. Biography
Hans J. Nebel, master craftsman and internationally renowned violin restorer, is the Fourth generation of violin makers in his family and a graduate of the famed Bavarian State School of Violinmaking in Mittenwald, Germany.
Mr. Nebel started his professional career at Rembert Wurlitzer, Inc., in New York City, where he worked for 18 years . He became a long term disciple of Maestro S. F. Sacconi, the universally acknowledged Dean and Originator of modern repair technique and restoration. Upon the suggestion of Dario D’Attili and Maestro Sacconi

was appointed head of the restoration department at Wurlitzers, a firm that was considered the Mecca of violin business in the Unites States.
Since 1974, Mr. Nebel has headed his own business in New Jersey, where he specializes in major restoration and the sale of quality stringed instruments and bows. He accompanied the New York Philharmonic on its tour of the Far East as a caretaker of their fine instruments.
For over 41 years he has taught violin restoration at several universities in the USA and in Parma/Italy.
He is a FOUNDER MEMBER of the American Federation of Violin & Bowmakers,

also a FOUNDER MEMBER of the Violin Society

and a MEMBER OF THE International Society of Violin and Bowmakers.