Invitation to the BILBAO PROJECT_Psychoacoustic test


We get in touch because we want to invite you to the Psicoacoustic Test of the Bilbao Project. This test has two parts, the Free Categorization Test and the Listening Test. You can take part on one or both tests.

The Bilbao Project is an experiment developed in BELE, the Basque violin Making school in the J.C.Arriaga Bilbao Conservatory, along with the Cabridge and Sorbona Universities and some international violin makers. We have built in BELE six violins, identical all of them except only one controlled parameter which is different for each and the international violin makers have built their instruments following our instructions. More info here

Workshop on bows with Frédéric Becker


1. Taking off the hairs; cleaning the stick, frog and button.

2. Checking the camber and straightness of the stick: straightening and realingning.

3. Lapping with wrapped silver, plain silver and leather. Correcting the weight and and controlling gravity center.

4. Refit and repositioning of the eyelet in the frog and its relation with the screw.

Access tests for 2018-19 academic year

The eaccess tests for 2018-19 academic year will take place on September 19 at 9:30.

Said tests will be at the J.C. Arriaga Conservatory of Bilbao.


Application period opens for 2017-18

Application period to access BELE basque violin making school

Application period for the 2018-19 academic year opens on the 12th of march.

The course is divided in three years and based on five main subjects, Building the instruments of the string quartet, Restoration and repair techniques , Bow maintenance and repair, Acoustics and Work and business studies.

Workshop on Mineral Ground with Michele Dobner

Last February, from the 11th to the 18th we had Michele Dobner at BELE, teaching at the workshop entitled “Mineral Ground for contemporary makers”.

This italian violin maker told us how to prepare the wood prior to varnishing and the use of

Edgar Moreau visits BELE

Moreau, Bele

Edgar Moreau brought his 1711 David Tecchler cello and Sartory bow with him, so we could see and hear this great great instrument and bow.

Mineral ground for contemporary makers


Methodology and application techniques of mineral ground (primary varnish coat) relative to oil-resin varnishes intended for classical bows instruments

BELE.Basque School of Violin Making.
Bele. Conservatorio de Musica – Juan Crisostomo de Arriaga
Plaza Ibarrekolanda 1, 48015 Bilbao. Spain.
Date: 16th- 18th February 2018. Friday through Sunday

Lecturer: Michele Dobner

Duration: 21 hours

Timetable: Friday and Saturday 9:00-13:00/ 14:00-19:00 and Sunday 10:00-15:00.


These Erasmus + 2017 grants are for BELE students to do job practices in professional workshops accross Europe. These financed mobilities have a duration of three months and will be carried out between September 2017 and December 2018.


Any BELE student who is currently attending 3rd year.
Any BELE alumnus who has finished vilon making studies during 2016-2017.

“A new tool for violin making”

“A new tool for violin making”. Workshop about carving soundboard and backs following the method used by Peter Westerlund.

Violin, viola and cellos on loan to music students


Throgh a program designed by the Department for Education, Language Policy and Culture of the Basque Government, BELE, Basque Violin Making School, will lend the instruments built by them to music students from the Conservatoires within the Basque Country. For next 2017-18 academic year there will be 34 instruments, 15 violin, 15 viola and 4 celli […]