“A new tool for violin making”

“A new tool for violin making”. Workshop about carving soundboard and backs following the method used by Peter Westerlund.

Set up and Sound Adjustment workshop with Andrea Ortona

Past 6th to 12th of March we did the Set up and Sound Adjustment workshop with Andrea Ortona. Andrea nowadays works at J&A Beares as a restorer and also works in his Oxford workshop making violins.

During the week the BELE students learnt about, materials, shapes, vibrating modes and sound.

Violin set up and sound adjustment workshop. Andrea Ortona.

Andrea-Ortona-and-Laurent-Quenelle, Bele

Violin set up and sound adjustment workshop. Andrea Ortona.
BELE.Basque School of Violin Making.
Bele. Conservatorio de Musica – Juan Crisostomo de Arriaga
Plaza Ibarrekolanda 1, 48015 Bilbao. Spain.
10th- 12th March, 2017. Friday through Sunday
Lecturer: Andrea Ortona

Workshop on acoustics with George Stoppani

  “Listening, measuring and improving” Program: (These are some of the contents that will be treated or disscused in the course but subject to changes) 1-The effect and relevance of the materials (intrinsic properties of the wood) and the design (the outline, arching and thicknesses) used in the violin-making in the tonal qualities, perceived character, […]

Violin acoustics workshop. George Stoppani.

Violin acoustics workshop  with George Stoppani
“Listening, measuring and improving”

1- The effect and relevance of the materials used in the violin-making
2- The influence of the top and back plates in free and pinned boundary conditions
3- Modal Analysis, Sound Radiation and Tonal Qualities.

Antique varnishing workshop with Collin Gallahue

Antique varnishing workshop.
“Critical Decision Making; a Holistic Approach to Violinmaking”
By Collin R. Gallahue

The varnishing and antiquing method used by Collin Gallahue is a thorough process where each step needs of its own making times. The times required make impossible to fulfill the workshop in one week.

All the subjects will be held in two stages, i.e. in two different workshops. In order to get more out of the course and achieve the objectives some work should be done beforehand.


Talks on wood: color and texture.
Potential application of oxidants and coloring agents.
Ground coats.
Application of “Sealer”.
Talks on wood texture and preparation materials for the ground, varnish composition, its preparation and application for future reference.
Talks on set-up and neck setting.

Workshop in advanced violin repair. Retouching of varnish. Hans Nebel.

Workshop in advanced violin repair. Retouching of varnish.

Varnish retouching workshop at BELE, Basque School of Violin Making. February 5 – February 7, 2016. Friday through Sunday. Mr. Nebel will lecture & demonstrate and the student will be guided via hands-on experience in Retouching of Varnish in the style of Maestro S. F. Sacconi, as it is done in some of the finest shops in the USA and abroad. During this workshop participants will work in tandem with a master craftsman to improve their abilities in color matching varnishes and drawing/painting grain on violin etc.

Short course on antique varnishing with Peter Westerlund in BELE

Del 4 al 8 de Mayo hemos realizado un curso sobre barnices de la mano de Peter Westerlund.
Este luthier sueco trabaja en Norberg y es renombrado por su barniz que imita perfectamente el aspecto antiguo de los instrumentos clásicos italianos.